Friday, July 27, 2012

Our New Addition

    We welcomed our second son, North Michael, on March 30th at The Midwife's Place here in Bellevue.  I was able to have the water birth of my dreams (sadly no pictures because we didn't have time to grab the camera) just eight minutes after we arrived at the birth center.  My two year old son, held by my husband, witnessed his brother entering the world.  We were back at home four hours later and that night, naturally high as a kite, I made dinner for my now family of four.  
    I can't say enough wonderful things about Heather Ramsey and the staff at The Midwife's Place for providing the perfect support and place for a natural, normal, intervention free birth.  Their work is life changing.  Kristen Treat, my doula, told me several times throughout my pregnancy not to allow fear from past experiences guide me.  If I had not followed her advice I know, for certain, I would not have had the birth I so desperately desired.  I also know my birth experience would not have been what it was without the constant support of my husband.  He reminded me that I was fully capable when I doubted myself.  Thank you for running the red light so I could birth our baby in the tub and not the car. :)  

Baby North

My favorite shot, just a little over one week old.

A reminder of how fast they grow.  Here he is just three months later.


Friday, September 23, 2011

Newborn Baby ~E~ ~Omaha Newborn Photographer~

I fell in love with the black and whites from this session.  What a perfect, sleepy baby girl!  She made me fall in love with newborn sessions and sparked a desire to perfect my skills with the itty bitties.  All newborn sessions booked through January 2012 will be 40% off.  It's never too early to book your spot as they will be limited.  Email me at for details.

~K~ and ~T~ Maternity ~Omaha Maternity Photographer~

Baby ~S~ is Seven Months

Newborn Baby ~K~